Kanya Kelavani Nidhi

mukhyamantri kanya kelavani 

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 1Rs. 2 lakh to the family income limits for medical / engineering all the girls in the first year to gain entry to the laptop.kanya kelavanikanya kelavani
 2NASA will choose to work in such an international organization specialized educational per student. Two million remunerate.kanya kelavanikanya kelavani
 3Civil Services Examination of the courses 'spipamam admission of girls to be replaced. 25 thousand to economic assistance. kanya kelavanikanya kelavani
 4SSC / HSC (each stream) to be ranked in the first three in each district to give each girl a tablet. As well SSC / HSC (each stream) to be ranked in the first three in each district CWSN (CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEED) girls and their physical disability to the corresponding device.kanya kelavani
 5Employees of government-every taluka panchayat service class 3 girls SSC / HSC (each stream) to those in the first three places give the tablet. kanya kelavanikanya kelavani
 6Each taluka panchayat public-service employees, the girls of class 4 SSC / HSC (each stream) to those in the first three places give the tablet.kanya kelavanikanya kelavani
 7District 56 developing and 50 per cent of the female literacy rate of less than 50 District BPL families for any woman to graduate / diploma-level courses receive Rs 5,000 / - of the bond (Narmada srinidhi bonds) as well as access to cash while Rs .5000 / - (DD from ) offer. (Course: Graduation artasa, commerce, science, diploma Engineering, Pharmacy)kanya kelavanikanya kelavani
 8Listed below are the bride of any BPL families across Gujarat Professional courses once it receives Rs 15,000 / - to give. Professional courses: medical, engineering, pharmacy, homeopathy, ayurvedic, biteka., dental, MBA, MCA, Integrated Low (five years), B.Sc. (Nursing) and Physiotherapy,kanya kelavanikanya kelavani
 9• take part in international games medal of the girls who have gotten .5,00,000 / - (five million). 
• Individual sports national level receives medal of Rs 10,000 / - and mass sports kheladiditha national level receives medal of Rs 10,000 / - (ten thousand), the greatest of the entire team. 50,000 / - (fifty thousand) remunerate the limit. 
• School girls' team, which mass sports at national level to reach the school. 11,000 / - to remunerate. 
• The official list of beneficiaries of the collective as well as individual beneficiary Girls Sports Authority of Gujarat (SAG) is valid from view.
kanya kelavanikanya kelavani
 10• State grant of any government or secondary / higher secondary school girls masi Board results are 100 percent (ie, the Registered exam that girls can pass all the girls) to school that year, Rs 50,000 / - to remunerate. 
• SSC and HSC in the school is 100 per cent, even if the result of both girls school Rs 50,000 / - to remunerate.
kanya kelavani
11Blind and deaf students in schools of girls in special education student number to each institution once Keeping give particular computer. kanya kelavanikanya kelavani

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