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RTO Number Plate Appointment Gujarat

Seeking Online appointment is mandatory for fitment of High Security Registration Plates on the vehicle of any customers. Customers can choose time slot and date as per their convenience and availability. This appointment ensures efficient service in optimal time by our dedicated team and reduces waiting for customers at the RTO.

New Vehicle owners can click on the below links to schedule an appointment for HSRP fitment.
New Vehicle Appointment
Any HSRP component with manufacturing defect (such as fading of black foil on the alpha numeral characters by natural wear and tear) can now be replaced by seeking an online appointment .
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Old Vehicle owners can click on the below link to schedule an appointment for HSRP fitment.Old Vehicle Appointment

Fitment of HSRP will take place within the premises of the respective RTOs, Deemed dealers or Camp location. Various dealers and camp locations have been selected across the state of Gujarat, where customers can come for fitment of HSRP on their vehicle. The purpose of dealers and camp locations is to decrease the distance between customers living in remote locations which are far from RTOs. However, the camp locations are not permanent and their information is available in the below provided link.

Note : In case of Invalid Carriage Vehicle fitment customer can visit the RTO for HSRP fitment without taking Appointment after received message for HSRP readiness .
Camp Appointment